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Volume 3 of “Hanna’s Diaries” (Arabic and English/Arabic editions) will be launched in Geneva in January 2023!


Forward by Zahi Haddad

"With nature too, of which he understands he is an integral part. Along with the Umbrella Pines, displayed on the cover of the book, the majestic guardians of the Lebanese mountains. There are especially the poets who lead the way for this young man who first says he is bored but ends up remembering the importance of gratitude in everything, of the search for harmony. Of peace. Something to vibrate the soul.

With these small touches, like an impressionist, John McCarthy watches over this fragile heritage. Entrusts its sustainability to us. From Berdawni to Saïda, passing through Beirut and a whole country rustling with its legacies. Far from nostalgia. Close to a reality at our fingertips."