Upcoming events

Book Signing at Librairie L’Olivier

Join us on Friday October 11 at ICAM’s iconic bookstore, Librairie Orientale L’Olivier (“Maktabat Zeitoun”) in Geneva, for the book signing and launch of both the Arabic and English/Arabic editions of “Hanna’s Diaries - Coming of Age in the Land of the Cedars”.

“يوميات حنا - في طريقه الى سن الرشد في بلاد الأرز"

John McCarthy, an American “Lebanon lover”, student of Arabic and the first publisher of Arabic language books in Switzerland, will describe for the guests his journey into writing Arabic short stories and romantic poems.

The book signing will follow while refreshments and tasty Lebanese snacks are served. Convivial and friendly ambiance are guaranteed!

Date: October 11, 2019
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: Librairie L’Olivier, Rue de Fribourg 5, 1201 Geneva

Entrance is free

Conference and Book Signing at the Red Cross Cultural Integration Center in Geneva

Ms Adriana Mumenthaler, Director of the Geneva Red Cross Cultural Integration Center, will host a “Meet the Author of Yawmiat Hanna “ conference and book signing event at the Center on November 19. Author John McCarthy and Arabic teacher, Besma Jouini, will make a brief presentation on how the stories came to be written and then published. They will speak both in French and Arabic, read some passages, and answer questions. A book signing will follow. Such events draw a wide spectrum of participants from many nationalities and including asylum seekers. The Center boasts a large librairie with books in 280 languages.