Introductory Video

by John McCarthy.

Welcome to the world of Hanna, a fictional Lebanese-American teenager attending an international school in Ras Beirut who aspires to be an accomplished writer of Arabic prose and romantic poetry. Recently arrived in Lebanon with his parents after starting life in the United States, Hanna is brimming with curiosity about his new homeland with its history, culture, cuisine and local girls and boys. (There is only the original Arabic version of this book).

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"The stories are wonderful and would appeal to any age group. They are a good read because they have important messages behind them. I find the stories that deal with love -- especially unconditional love -- very touching."


"I am beyond impressed by your extraordinary prose and poetry. You are a wonderful storyteller mixing historical facts with anecdotes and emotions so well."


"I am glad to read each of Hanna's adventures. Although the themes and environments differ, there is always that important common point: the emotions."


"I am not only impressed with your Arabic but also very touched by the sentiments in your stories and your deep knowledge of Lebanese society."


"What a beautiful cultural trip! Simple, funny, informative!" 


"To use the language of the new generation, I can say that your stories and poems are WOW!"