Introductory Video

by John McCarthy.

In Volume 2 of “Yawmiyat Hanna” (“Hanna’s Diaries”) Fairuz’s songs, Gibran’s prose, Elissar’s legend, Scouting, women’s passion for chocolate, skiing in Faraya, learning to make Mujadara, helping his father shop for a jewelry gift, being enchanted by a blind girl, and his first heartbreak will delight readers and immerse them in young Hanna’s kinder and simpler Lebanon. The book is available in Arabic and Arabic/English versions.

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“Your story about Gibran transported me in time to those school days reading and tasting his sensitivity and creativity.”


“Hanna’s love story with the attractive blind girl is a pure delight! I could imagine myself walking along in their company.”


“You take me to a time when everything is still innocent, a place where all is well, people are decent and kids are kids.”


“Each story is compelling and had me gripped from start to finish.”