Introductory Video

by John McCarthy.

In Volume 3 of “Yawmiat Hanna” (“Hanna’s Diaries”) Hanna learns about the Law of Attraction and promptly meets Carole with whom he collaborates on a tree nursery project in the Bekaa Valley for IB social entrepreneurship. They discover Baalbek and are inspired by the poetry of Jawdat Haydar, then move on to experience “first times” with gourmet dining, and horse racing at the Hippodrome in Beirut.

Forward by Zahi Haddad.

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“Your well written book has a refreshing subject, much humor and shows your good knowledge of Beirut and Lebanon: the places, the views, the culture and the traditions are all correct and well described.”


“I liked the idea of the ‘first time’ as it applies to every aspect of our lives. Your stories always take me to wonderful places...they so relate to me and to every aspect inside me. Your stories are my soulmates.”


“Great to read Hanna’s adventures again: genuine, simple and endearing! So much needed in a world that is getting more complex, artificial and computerized!”