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"the untold story behind Switzerland's success"

by James Breiding.

The Arabic edition of "SWISS MADE - the untold story behind Switzerland's success" by James Breiding reveals how this small country with few natural resources has achieved fame as Number 1 in global competitiveness and innovation. The book has already sold over 250,000 copies in seven languages and is a "must read" for Arab business leaders, investors, educators, students and politicians who can find ingredients in the Swiss model which they can apply to making their organizations and countries more competitive and prosperous.

« This important book makes a very strong case for the Swiss model. All of those concerned with the future of economics should carefully consider what it says. »

Professor Lawrence Summers
Former US Secretary of the Treasury
President Emeritus of Harvard University

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« Switzerland has achieved low inflation, low unemployment and a high standard of living without a large central government. Anyone who wants to know how the Swiss do these impressive things should read this book. »

Professor Martin Feldstein
Harvard University
President Emeritus, National Bureau of Economic Research

« The so-called secrets of Switzerland’s success are ably set out in this fascinating book. »

Martin Taylor
Chairman, Syngenta

« Switzerland has been a highly successful "brand" – not least in the world of central banking. In a turbulent world, this book has lessons for us all. »

Paul Volcker
Former Chairman, US Federal Reserve

« Switzerland has maintained its traditional strengths better than many other Western countries during the last generation. This timely book explains how. »

Peter Voser
Former Chairman of the board, ABB

« I think it is important that the ideas expressed in the book are widely circulated in the
Arab world, which is in desperate need of role models. So I think your endeavor may be as important as a political and cultural contribution to the Arab world as a timely exercise in entrepreneurship. »

Dr. Gary Leiser
Middle East historian and author

« There are roughly 250 million Arabic speakers in the world. I hope that many will read the Arabic version of SWISS MADE. At a time when so many jobs need to be created throughout the Arab World to give new perspectives to the rising generations, it is my humble hope that one or the other lesson of SWISS MADE may serve as an inspiration and help entrepreneurs and policy makers to make a positive difference. »

Nicholas Niggli
Former Director General of the Department of Economic Development, Research, and Innovation in the Geneva Cantonal Government